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Katakana キャッスル・オブ・ドリーム

Romaji DuLoc
Game Ovium

Assistants Shrek, Donkey
Origin Shrek
DuLoc is a world appearing in Ovium. It is based on the Dreamworks Animation film Shrek. The world is the first world variation based on the Shrek film series following the plot of the first instalment, as a world centring around the other three films titled Far Far Away appears in Ovium II.

DuLoc and Far Far Away serve as the subsequent homeworlds to the first of the four Heroes of Soul.

Settings and Areas Edit

The world has five primary areas: DuLoc Kingdom and its' castle, Shrek's Swamp, The Bluffs, Dragon's Keep and the Dividing Range. Each of the five central locations boast smaller areas to progress through such as the Merry Woodland, Castle Town, Farquad's Castle, Brawl Courtyard, Church of Stature, Windmill Cottage, Dragon Drawbridge, Highest Tower, Corridors of Doom, Swamp Chasm, Farquad's Chambers, Torture Dungeon, Shortened Corridors, Nest and Round-Up Clearing.

As Calvin and Malvin Morianis Shrek's Swamp, DuLoc, Dividing Range and the Dragon's Keep are all accessible, as Tressa and Sylvia MacNeille all of the world's locations are accessible including the Bluffs which contain the Windmill Cottage.