The Ovas (ハートレス, Ranshoudoruu?) are beings of darkness that manifest in three forms, "Pureblood",

The Ovas Emblem

"Quantity" and "Emblem", the third being created artificially. Whilest most Ova's are in fact darkened disfigured souls. Their complete creation was due to the Ovium in it's first tampering by Narlette Simoris on the Ovium's location planet The Core.



Narlette Simoris first attempted to access the Ovium via the Four Heroes of Soul whom were one of few ways to lower the four shields that guard the Ovium. Narlette first tried however with his great electrical energetic powers to simply penetrate the shields and seize the Ovium which almost killed him (would have but was rebounded courtesy of his great power) and instead caused the Ovium to tap into all the darkness of the indidivual souls denizens of all the worlds across the First Galaxy.

As a result many souls of those with dark impulses and otherwise from the worlds were stripped of their souls which then transformed into strange shadowy creatures.