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Violet Baudelaire is the eldest of the three Baudelaire Orphans the protagonist denizens of Lemony Snicket's book world: A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Violet at 14 years of age is revealed to be the book world's most brilliant inventor who along with her book loving middle child brother Klaus and four year old biting machine infant sister Sunny were sent to live with their murderous greedy worst actor uncle Count Olaf.

Throughout the game Ovium II in which she makes her solemn appearence anyone can tell that she is constructing within her mechanical mind a helpful invention when she begins to tie up her hair with a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes (more...)

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Sad Violin is the theme music for the Ovium I final world The Core.thumb|300px|right It was composed and performed by Zeirus. It also serves as the ending music for the first game and is heard briefly in Ovium II when the hero brother and sister of the second game come to the Galaxy Temple about to receive the power of the Galaxy Sword and Saber from the Galaxy Ghost.

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