Valley Of Peace is a world appearing in Ovium and Ovium II based off Dreamworks 2008 Classic Kung Fu Panda.

It is the homeworld to one of the four heroes of soul: Po
Valley Of Peace

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Games Ovium
Ovium II

Allies Po,

Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Mantis, Crane, Shifu

Assistants Po,

Furious Five, Master Shifu

Origin Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Setting and AreasEdit


The world Valley of Peace is divided into four main parts: The Jade Palace and all it's inner-areas, The Valley Village and all it's areas which includes Mr. Ping and Po's Noodle Shop, The Mountain Bridge Crossing and the Chorh-Gom Prison and all it's areas.

The four main heroes become seperated upon landing in the world.

Malvin ends up Chorh-Gom Prison, Tressa ends up at the Bridge Crossing, Sylvia ends up at the Valley Village Noodle shop and Calvin ends up at the Jade Palace.

The Jade Palace's inner and outer areas include: The Long Upward Staircase, Palace Gates, Palace Square, Palace Entrace, Palace Hall of the Dragon Scroll, Palace Left Balcony, Palace Right Balcony, Palace Sacred Peach Tree of Wisdom Station, Palace Training Arena and Palace Sleeping Quarters.

The Valley Village's areas include the Pig's Prestine, Mr. Ping and Po's Noodle Shop, Small Bridge Crossing, The Black Formation, Po's Bedroom within the Noodle Shop, Town Square and the Mountain Bridge's Overpass.

The Bridge Crossing areas include the Entrace, First Bridge, Second Bridge, Third Bridge and Fourth Bridge.

And the Chorh-Gom Prison areas include the Prison Gates, Prison First Bridge, Second Bridge, Third Bridge, Fourth Bridge, Spiky Lane, Chasm of Death, Elevator and Tai Lung's Cell.

Ovium IIEdit

In the second game the Valley Of Peace's locations differs from the first one as it does not play out the story of the first film but rather the second.

There is no Chorh-Gom Prison and it's areas and no Bridge Crossing.

It does possess the same Jade Palace areas and Valley Village areas.

It features however a Panda Village with it's areas and Gongmen City and it's areas in the second game.

Panda Village possesses the areas: Po's Home, Empty House 1, Empty House 2, Empty 3, Empty House 4, Blazed Pastures and Singed Woods.

Gongmen City possesses the areas Entrance Lane, Festival Road, Town Square, Palace Gates, Palace Square, Palace Entrance, Throne, Fireworks Factory and Water Crescent.



Ovium IIEdit